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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What it would mean to have a dog?

Hello Bloggers,

It's been so long since I've written a blog, I figured its time to pick it up again. Today I watched the movie "Marley and Me". I heard a lot about it and everyone said I would cry. They were right.

For those of you who know me pretty well, then you know that I'm a very emotional person. Most of you think I'm not a dog person...but that's just not true. I admire dogs a lot. I find myself pretty fascinated by them. I will admit I wouldn't be able to handle a big one. After watching this movie, I found myself wanting a dog more than ever. Crazy considering Marley is a nightmare and the complete opposite type of dog I'd want to buy. But what appealed to me was this idea of having something waiting for me when I get home. This living thing that counts on me, loves me no matter what, let's you be that crazy person that talks to themselves without being judged and most importantly, they don't argue back and you don't have to use a contraceptive to prevent yourself from getting one!!! Okay, maybe they'll chew you stuff up and bark like crazy ...but not like I speak dog to get offended right? I love how dogs get protective and territorial over the people they care about. I mean, for me their just a dog....but I'm slowly starting to understand why people get so attached to them. I have a very addictive personality and I can get attached to things very easily...and even worse...I have a problem letting go of things I love. Because of this, I fear getting a dog.

So tell me, all you dog owners, is it worth the trouble you go through to care for a dog, to have one? Everyone keeps telling me I'd be a horrible dog owner or they give me their unsolicited advice on what type of dog they think would be good for me. I know deep inside, I'd be a great dog owner for the right dog. FOr those of you who've had me take care of you or care for you or love you in anyway...should know I'm a caretaker by nature. So...with all this being said...I think once things settle for me a bit financially I will be getting my first ever pet dog. The idea is exciting me a lot and I find myself researching all kinds of things from training to tricks. I can even see myself dressing my dog up LOL.

I think the dog I want is a pure bred perfect little yorkie girl dog. So if anyone sees any good deals, tips, warnings etc...please let me know.

Keep ya'll posted on this new possible adventure.

**my perfect dream dog**