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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pre Italy: 1 month 8 days till departure

Ciao amici,

Most of you know by now that I am going to Italy this summer. 1 month and 8 days to be exact. It's been an extremely rough and emotional month due to losing my grandmother and enduring some other personal upheavals. To my privilege though, God has found a way for me to cope through my hard times. It seems every time life is a little difficult, he decides to reward me with a trip to clear my head and give me perspective. Many of you claimed to enjoy my endless ranting and ravings during my last "find myself" trip to France, Bangladesh and Thailand after I got laid off. Well now I am ending a chapter that has been filled with precious memories, life experiences and heartaches. I hope that as one door shuts in my life, that behind the new door is my grandmother watching over me as I start a new journey May 30th.

I have finally booked my ticket, purchased my Florence cell phone and began shopping. I am so excited! It's the ONLY thing I am looking forward to to get me out of this slum of emotions I have been feeling for the last month. Seems nothing puts a smile on my face except for the word Italy. The thought of real Italian pizza, beautiful art and meeting amazing new people is consuming my mind now. Maybe Italian's in general aren't a bad idea as well! These happy thoughts trips me up a bit as a part of me is like..."I hope nothing messes up my plans." I just pray that things work out and that this trip is as amazing as people seem to think it will be!

I can't believe how many of you have sent me your addresses! I love it! Although at this rate, I'll be spending more time writing postcards than I will do my best to write each of you. So far my plans are to arrive the weekend of the 30th and spend a week in Florence. 1st week is Florence and weekend travel in Italy. 2nd week is Florence and weekend travels to Rome/Rimini and arrive Venice. 3rd week is Venice and weekend travels to maybe Greece? My last free weekend will be with my beloved Paris. I plan to spend 3 days there...dreaming...and then back to reality in Austin. The thought of returning already makes me sad.

Well...nothing interesting yet.....but will keep you all posted! Any advice or tips is always welcome...and of course..pray that I go and come safely. I do NOT PLAN on watching the movie please just leave that subject alone people!

ArriveËĄderci mia 'amicizie'! [hope that's right :) ]


  1. have fun!
    bring me home some goods.

  2. Okay, here's my word of advice for you. Italians do not wear blue jeans or khakis! Their pants are usually grey or brown. Odd, I know. If you want to "fit in" more, then buy a pair of grey or brown pants! By the way, I'm so serious. Happy shopping!