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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fun and Freedom....Freedom!! You got to give for what you take :)

Well…life is starting to pick up again and lots of fun things going on! I’m single, in shape, lookin good and feeling good…and let me tell ya the new found attention is great! I’ve been seeing all kinds of old friends, hittin up the happy hours and bbq’s and enjoying the beginning of Fall!

Fall is my FAVORITE SEASON! It puts me in the best mood and I love it. This week alone, I had a blast at Eric’s 29th BBQ bday, going to see Social Network tonight, went to 2 happy hours and had some very interesting calls and conversations with some old friends on how I need to really embrace being single at almost thirty. Ladies and Gents…I can truly say I’m so looking fwd to it. I am a HUGE sex and the city fan…and well let’s face it…they started all their fun in their 30’s! So thank you…for my freedom 

No more confusion about who I am, no more dating bad boys with confused hearts, no more changing hair colors and slamming jagers till I black out. The old problems are now someone else’s problems and that realization alone is awesome and gave me sense of relief! New food, new cultures, new experiences, NEW men . No …this new decade will be about really coming to my own, having a good time, traveling, doing art and most importantly I’m all about meeting new people, having new experiences that make me grow as a person. I want to embrace life and enjoy it to the fullest as if every day were my last.

I went through this phase not too long ago where I thought, I have enough friends and I really don’t want to socialize anymore or meet new people. That has totally changed. I’m back to my fun loving self, feeling good and all about meeting new people who will change the course of my life! My good friend Derek told me ….Lia..wear that black dress…with the belt…and go try something new you’ve never done before! LOL…Believe me…I am. I’m so excited to see what this season will bring. If so much can happen to me in the last year and year before…God only knows what this new year will bring ! I have Halloween to look forward too, possibly Vegas/New Orleans. A few friends big 30th bdays…everyone is turning 30 and most importantly…my friend is helping me plan my big bad grand 30th birthday! Get ready people, it’s been years since I’ve thrown a “Lia Party” and this will be one for the books. The New Year is approaching and I’ve already got 2 big trips planned and I can’t wait!

I want to thank those of you who have reached out to me recently and have expressed how much you care about me and want to stay in touch after all I’ve seen and gone through in the last 2 months. All I know is life is pretty good again and it’s because I have such a strong group of support from old friends and new ones I made in the last year. Thanks again everyone…and like George Michael says...."FREEDOM! FREEDOM! YOU GOT TO GIVE FOR WHAT YOU TAKE!" For real let the good times roll!!!!!!!!

and i won the lottery 5 times in the last two about good luck :)

Here's some old school Halloween pics for fun :)


  1. Excuse me! How does your mother look exactly the same now as she did when you were like 5?! And you are too cute in your little hawaiian girl costume! I love old photos. :)