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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bone Thuggin Halloween!

Wow, it’s been a colorful couple of weeks! First started of with Bone Thugs and harmony taken me and Adelle back to our childhood. I realized…two weeks of not working out…makes it difficult to dance without pain!!! We had a great time and great memories…then came Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Since I was a kid, Halloween was a big holiday my mom loved to celebrate. She always dressed us up in 1st place prize costumes. I have ranged from being spicy Barbie, Indian princess, hawaiin girl, old lady, Cruella DeVille.. to….yes…SADAM HUSSAIN, yes… I know. It was funny at the time and I was ten and yes…my mustache was practically natural back then. This year…I had to go back to my favorite decade and be a brown Cindi Lauper.

I was sitting on Adelle’s porch and I realized the cloud was a in a crazy familiar shape! It was in the shape of the batman symbol for an emergency like in the movies. I called Adelle out there and she agreed! We were amazed. We also decided, tonight would be the night I meet my batman. LOL. We decided to go to zombie ball, but not as zombies. Adelle and I are rebels! Turns out…Batman was 1, under age…and 2 a lesbian. So that kind of killed my batman fantasy..but there is always next year. Eric and Jessie win for zombie costume . best i could do was create myself as a zombie on a website :) And the charmer for the night I have to say…is Bret Michaels. LOL. It was pretty hilarious.

This week I’m out in Cali for work and I have to say….its been great! I have a great boss! He is so understanding, empathetic and most importantly a very great boss. He is always trying to better my career and has been the first to give me opportunity to travel! I love San Jose. The mountains and fresh air here are so mind clearing. I really want to stay….something about being out of state just feels good. Tomorrow…back to reality…and back to routine…and back to work in my very annoying building that I no longer enjoy going to. Thankfully, my team and company is based out of Cali I’m hoping for more trips in a future…and maybe just maybe..batman..will be in Cali.

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