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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Stairway to Heaven...Roma

Bon Giorno from Roma!

I love love love Roma! What a gorgeous city. The colors, the flowers, the parks! Amazing. I can't even begin to explain the architecture and things I've seen...over 800 pictures. I walked the stairway to heaven today at the vatican. That alone was so much to take in. Rooms and Rooms of unbelievable work. I'm talking in the millions. Yesterday, I got to expereince the Italian life with the Gabrielle's whom I visited with (family friends). We had an italian a young hang out area side of town and then Stephanie and I hit the night life. I enclosed a picture of my was the most delicious mix of Bruschettas ever! I'm sharing a room in a hostel/dorm with 6 other strangers...and our room smells like nasty funk. Tourists man..we are all the same..turning into dirty, non showering europeans I guess. We visited the Capitolini Musem and Vatican City and the Colisuem of Rome. All incredible. I have experienced too much and seen too much that a blog just does no justice. I have included just a few pics. Our class was having a great time chilling out at the Colisum making donkey faces. We are a pretty light hearted group. I also included a favorite piece of art I saw at the Vatican. For the rest of the have to wait to see me, or view my facebook.


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