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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Self Portrait Rosella

Hey everyone!

Love, love, lovin Firenze! Finally over my cold and jet lag! woohoo! Tomorrow begins my partying :) I have been very productive...have half a journal filled of pictures and stuff...and began my lovely self portrait as Rosella, my italian given name. We have been touring around town and enjoying the sights! Seen Santa Croce, Duomo, Uffizi, Galileo exhibit, Fiesole and many more! The sunsets are incredible..and I was on the bridge when a musician started playing Romeo and Juliet. It was perfect moment. That is the song I still play on the piano! Art vendors everywhere, amazing espressos! The sights of the tuscany were so breathtaking that I could feel a tingle shiver down my back. Ofcourse, that could also be sweat from the miles of hiking I have been doing! I will have buns of steel no doubt. I think I've lost weight too. Eating healthy and walking. Enjoying tasty foods in moderation and watching my need to endulge! If anything, I have finally learned moderation! Also got to see Aunty Emma, whom I have not seen in over 18 years. Same with Stephanie. Today we went to Fiesole...and it was awesome! Unfortunately for my professor Giovanni got pick pocketed on the bus and him and I hiked and retraced his steps. No luck..and burned a lot more calories. Well..that's all for now. Have to save some of the good stuff for when I get back. If you want to see more pics..GET A FACEBOOK or get over it :)



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  1. Oh man! That sucks about the pickpocket. I was almost going to warn you about that in my last comment. Be especially careful around the Duomo. We used to sit and watch them work the crowd.

    Glad you are having a blast! I'm so jealous!