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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Purple Scarf: Check, Italian boyfriend: check...


Last two days have been interesting. I rested one day and cleaned our section of the apartment. Something about sharing a bathroom with 3 other people grosses me out. So..I took it upon myself to go "Heidi crazy." For those of you who know my mother, you know this means I turned into the tilex queen. Needless to say, my roomates appreciated it a lot. I don't care if they never long as they don't stop me from doing it!

Today we had class where I showed my professor my self portrait. If I do say so myself, it is coming out pretty amazing. I have some all I gotta say. You will all see when I get back, what "patience" I am referring to when it comes to my art. For lunch we stopped at the same place I met miss "mama mia" waitress. I called her over to our table and said, look...and I pulled out my journal where I placed her and my picture together. She got so excited! She was like, I thought I met you the other day! Then another waiter came by saying "where is my come you don't take one with me!" I said....wait now.."ofcourse I would love to take one with you." he's perfect to be the italian boyfriend! hahah he was absolutely adorable. He's says "but I am very ugly no?" OH MAN..I was eating this up...I said no are not! you are molto bello!! Let's take a picture. He shamelessly came by the table to flirt and go on about telling me how he has to practice his english. He apparently came to San Diego and knows of "Houston." LOL! Anyway...I decided to go home..and bring back my italian boyfriend and italian waitress a gift.

I went back to the restaurant two hours later with printed pic of me and my italian waiter boyfriend and write on it "Vi รจ molto bello", means you are very handsome! I signed it Rosella :) and wrote it in Gold Glitter. I then made another print out of the waitress and wrote "Vi ringraziamo per aver detto mamma mia," means thank you for saying mamma mia. Wrote hers in gold glitter and decorated it as well. For class we have cannon printers for our it came in handy for these print outs :) I have attached a picture of my italian boyfriend and the italian waitress pic is in my first blog. scroll down. When I went to take it to them....their reaction to this was PRICELESS. I am pretty sure I made two italians day and definitely made them blush. If anything..they gave me a good story as well as I gave them one to tell!

The rest of the day I went shopping!!!! and went and saw the FAKE il David. Tomorrow I will go see the REAL one. Purple scarf....check....Gypsy earrings....check... a version of the David. ..check.....ITALIAN BOYFRIEND! check :)

Bueno Sera!


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