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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The perfect Italian day..

So today was pretty perfect. I woke up, walked around and bought a cappacino and post cards. The weather was crisp and breezy...absolutely perfect. The wind was blowing and I could feel Florence whispering in my ear. We went to the zoological museum today. It was very interesting. It was filled with wax taxidermy of the human body and of animals of all kinds. After that I saw the most amazing crystal collection. When I was a child, I used to LOVE cracking rocks to see if there were crystals inside. Today, I saw every color crystal possible. It was a dream.

Later we walked and grabbed a egg tomatoe sandwich. I passed by an artist who I'm pretty sure is going to be my Italian Husband. His profile was very attractive! lol. Further down, I actually sat with an Albanian artist who drew me as Rosella. He sweet talked me the entire time. It was hilarious. Those italians...they are pretty slick with their words. I told him he had beautiful eyes. Which he did..they were blue with orange..he was like " not tell me this..because then I may fall in love with you." LOL wow..I wanted to roll off my chair in laughter. He even wanted me to come back tomorrow because he was obsessed with my profile. He said if I came back, he'd sketch my perfect profile for free. After all that, we saw an Italian couple who just got married! They were so was pretty perfect. Tonight..I'm staying in and working on postcards, my journal and my self portrait.

Enjoy the pics!

Arrive Derchi.


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