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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cinese, Gondallas and Chingenehs!

Bon Giorno from Venezia!

Well departing from Roma was sad, as I did enjoy the short time we had there. Arriving Rimini was a nightmare for me! The wheel on my suitcase broke! We started walking about a mile walk to our hotel, I had a 50lbs suitcase to drag, my tote bag and my laptop bag. Talk about sweat dripping down my back and face...I have never had a work out like that. Halfway through the walk I nearly stopped breathing. I told my class mates )Q(#$*)@#$ this. I am catching the next bus. Thank god for the bus system. It saved my life. Rimini, was like every other beach town. Nothing too interesting there other than a beautiful sunset on the water. Our hotel was pretty knarly as well with a big terrace.

The train ride to Venice was very comfortable. I had an entire car to myself :) Listened to some great music and just did some thinking for about 3 hours and more stippling on my self portrait which never seems to end! Finally, we arrive Venice, where again I had to deal with my horrible luggage. This time...we had to lug it up 5 flights of 15 stairs each. I wanted to take a shot gun to my head. I decided, despite the arm and leg it would cost...I am mailing a box back to the US and purchasing a new suitcase here. No choice. I can't deal with this going to Paris, that is FOR SURE!

We finally got to hit up the beach in Lido, just outside of Venice. Might I is every thing Euro Trash Italian beaches are stereotyped to be. We saw this great guy in a red speedo with his belly sticking out and the hairiest back I've ever seen. Another old man had white legs, red arms and a black back. One guy who should be our Purple First Mate ….he was all EXTREME tanned out, gold chain, cigarette in one hand and...tight purple beach shorts. Now that was a sight. The best had to be the over bellied grandmas who seem to think its a wonderful idea to wear two pieces! My favorite though, on the vapporato (water bus), Dewey pointed out “lia...look at that”. It was a grandma, in a gold jump suit sporting huge glasses and showing the world her wrinkly cleavage. I was stunned. (something about mary much!)

Venice is beautiful other than dirty rat pigeons everywhere! Apparently the only legal place to feed them is the San Marco Square. Found the lovely pigeon lady..topins anyone? Venice is very romantic and filled with waterways, bridges and shopping! Cafe galore and of course the infamous GONDOLA GONDOLA GONDALA. For Anna's bday we went looking for an Indian restaurant. Everyone kept saying...”lia where's your people...” I responded...”I don't know?? maybe I should bust out in a bollywood dance with my Chingeneh (Gypsy-Turkish) earrings and everyone will randomly appear in song and dance with samosas in their hands. Too our disappointment of course google maps didn't direct us to that restaurant. No Indian food for us. Instead...we found CINESE. Yes spelled just like that. It was AWESOME. And the waitresses said Plago instead of Prego. Hilarious! Needless to say we stuffed our face and then went back to Giovanni's and threw Anna a surprise bday. It was good times indeed. Lucky bought us some awesome Zorro masks...apparently Masks used to be a big thing back in the day to hide your identity at put on our masks and walked around Venice like this. The reactions were HILAROUS!

I have been drinking the BEST EVER SMOOTHIES of my life. We found a little place near the apartment and its so fresh and absolutely delicious. Smoothie King and Tropical smoothies got nothing on this place! And..turns out the guy selling it was I finally found out where an Indian restaurant is for us to try :) woohoo!

The museums have been pretty incredible. I got lost at the Guggenheim and went on a solo adventure to find my way home. It was pretty great. I found a little cafe and had a pasta, cappuccino and just people watched. Benale Museum was overwhelming with the Modern Art. I'm finding my brain is on SERIOUS overload. I can't even's just so jammed with image after image that I can't seem to get it together for my projects. All my classmates are having similar issues. Its like art overload everywhere. I ended up drawing a cracked out one perspective drawing of the St. Peters with all kinds of colors that looks like a 10 year old drew it. Fits with the art I've seen here.

Our apartment is really nice...but the fact it is 5 flights of stairs, dark and kind of gloomy makes us all very sleepy and lethargic. Good thing we are walking a lot. In the evening we are finding ourselves totally exhausted and just having group drawing sessions while listening too awesome American hip hop lol and sharing life stories as we listen to the words of..... Gotta love Snoop.

Ciao for now.



  1. Masks are indeed a big thing in Venice! During the hey day of Venice, proper ladies did not go outside. They would be shuttled from house to house. If they did go out (which they did because, hello! Staying is is boring!), they would wear masks to disguise their identity so their reputation would not be tarnished.

    Also, Venice is very famous for the courtesans. They were accepted as part of society but never really approved of.

  2. Looks like you're having a grand time! We didn't make it to Venice, so I'm glad you were able to. Can't wait to see all the pictures when you get back.