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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ciao Firenze Bon Giorno Roma

Hey everyone,

Florence has been amazing. Between the sips of morning cappacino and random adventures with my has been an experience to say the least. I will miss my beautiful sunsets and look forward to seeing what they look like in Rome and Venice. My next journey is to Rome, Rimini and Venice. Unfortunatley, I was not able to do the Cinque Terra rounds due to time and convenience. But that just means I have to come back one day and complete what I could not accomplish.
Yesterday, during a crazy shopping spree...a very cute Italian salesman convinced me to buy blue boots. Picture included.. I asked him if I could fit him in my suitcase..he said..."how big is it". I was look just the right size. Giggles...of course. Today, I ran into the waitress I took a picture with today while shopping! She recognized me, approached me with a big hug! My reaction was "whoa". LOL In my head I sounded like Joey on Blossom. She thanked me again and said she put our picture up in her room. How great is that. I have one italian friend whom I don't even know her name.
Lucky and I went on an night. Took a picture with the boar and visited her Romanian buddies. That was an intersting night. Other than that..we've been eating delicious foods thanks to Mother Marym (our roomate who has graciously cooked us delicious meals) and it had nothing to do with Pasta! We are burnt out on Italian food. Yes ...believe it or not. I took a few last narcissistic shots of myself in Florence. If I do say so myself...I feel as though I fit in the portraits so perfectly, as if someone was meant to just paint me in every shot. Think Florence will be a place I love for a while. La Dolce Vida.

Ciao...until Roma.


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  1. Rome! I love Rome! If I wasn't living in Austin, I would be living in Rome. The Piazza Navona comes alive at night!

    And just so you know, you can drink from the fountains in Rome. It is also entirely acceptable to sit and soak your feet in the cool water.

    A favorite treat...stop by the Campo de Fiori about 2ish and get a cup of cold fresh fruit then find a corner to avoid the heat.

    And the largest and oldest flea market is in Rome in Sundays. It outshopped me! A great place to pick up cheap souvenirs...or a tire.