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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mama Mia!

Bon Giorno!
Florence is amaaaaazing! So I arrived at the airport in Florence where a very nice Italian taxi driver dropped me off in an alley that was narrower than my left pinky toe! The narrow street I live on is called Via Squazza. We live in an awesome 3 floor apt where all 6 of us girls are in. Let's call it Real World Italy, the ACC version. My professor (Gary) Giovanni, gave us all Italian names which we are required to use while in Italy! He named me Rosella straight out of a Italian phone book. He thought that fit me best. Not sure why..but I'm not arguing. Can you picture this? I think the name ironically is a nice choice. Google it.
First evening..I was trying to walk off my jet lag. Talk about walking for miles. You walk EVERYWHERE! I sooo want a scooter by the way or one of those lovely, tiny little cars you can park the wrong way in between. See picture. I stopped to take a picture in front of the Santa Croce. That is the picture with me in a "here I am in Italy" pose! There's shops everywhere! OMG...if I only had the money for all the leather shoes and purses and make up and art they have to offer. I was kinda going nuts. Had my first yummy pizza...which I took a picture of. I came home to be welcomed by some pretty "patzi" (crazy) neighbors. Just like you see in the movies...I have neighbors upstairs who were giving us a full on concert with their yelling. The wife was yelling at her husband and NO JOKE..throwing plates. In the background we heard a little kid cry, silence..and then more crazy italian yelling. It was AWESOME. I wanted to go upstairs and tell them to yell louder so I could record it! We then left again to hit up the grocery store so we could cook our first meal. I made penne pasta with a little olive oil, garlic and basil. Yumm...and we had italian bread which we dipped in homemade garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegrette. It tasted pretty delizioso. Ended the night early because of all the traveling.
Today we got our Uffizi cards and had the first day of class. Classmates are pretty cool and so is my professor. I lost it in the artstore...I absolutely had no self control and dropped 60 euro right there. We all just couldn't wait to get home and play with our new supplies! Get ready to see a lot of purple is all I gotta say. Might explain this later..for's between me and my class mates:) We had lunch at a great place in one of the Piazza's (squares). Our waitress was very friendly and had some pretty knarly gypsy earrings all us girls appreciated. She got annoyed with something and again..NO JOKE..said "Mama Mia!" I just started laughing and said..can I please take a picture with you, you are the first person in Italy I have met who actually said that! She got excited and said yes! Her picture is up here too. The espresso and hazelnut biscuits...TO DIE FOR.
Everyone here is wearing scarves! WTF..really? It's June people. Thank you Carol for making me prepared. I have worn the scarf you gave me just before leaving! I totally fit in now :) It has been very cold and rainy..but oh well. Rather be enjoying depressing gloomy weather in Italy than Austin any day! We kept walking and saw some very nice Italian Eye Candy...not to mention some very appealing Eye Candy posters. Ladies..I think you know what I'm referring to. What is the deal with the David key chains and all the David shirst with a CLOSE UP. Toooooo funny. Last but not least The Duomo is incredible and breathtaking. Seriously...words can not explain.
Finally got my adaptor so I can blog it up. Tonight...sandwiches for dinner and play time with our supplies. Tomorrow is independence day or something. It's a national holiday so it will be a big celebration in the streets....more to come.


  1. Your waitress is kinda cute. Did you get her phone # for me?

  2. Oh, and keep taking pictures of Italian women. And the buildings too, i guess. :)

  3. I'm glad you are having fun! Don't forget to take the train up to the Cinque Terre and hike the trail one day (might take two).

  4. A Rosella is an Austrailian parrot according to Wikipedia!

  5. Hey Lia,

    I am glad that you are having fun! I am finally done with school!! YAY!! Dave and I found out that someone put in an offer on that house that we liked so we were bummed about that. Other than that it is after midnight and we are packing for out flight to IL tomorrow. YAY! I get to see the fam and babies again. Miss ya,

    Emily :)

  6. Hope you're having a good time (sounds like it at least). Have fun, and be sure to try the gelato in Cinque Terre - the best is in Vernazza, and the best focaccia (sp?) there is in Manorola.


  7. Hey Lia! Looks like you're having a blast! Thanks for sharing with us, and hope the rest of your travels go well!