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Lia's Blog Diaries
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jai Ho Francesco!

Hey Everyone...

I am happy to announce that we found the Indian Restaurant!!!! wooohoo! and yes...the entire square busted out in a horribly cheesy bollywood song where I went on to romance the gondolla guy who was feeding me samosas as he seducingly pulled off my scarf. YA RIGHT. I only wish in my mixed up Italian Indian fantasys, but we did really find the restaurant. It turned out to be the one we were looking for orginally. No one told us that the word siestere meant to what we think the left of the church it names. wasn't meant to be until it was. And..thanks to my wonderful brown skin and heritage...we got the BENGALI discount yet again :) our total was 65euro but he knocked it down to 55. After a delicious chicken tikka...still no one cooks better than my mother...we went home for a long needed nap. We spent the rest of the night doing art and waiting for my new life theme song to come on Jai HO! I love it! The song is with Pussycat Dolls and A.R. Rahman from the soundtrack of slumdog millionare. Check it out. My roomate Anna is totally into my chingeneh (gypsy) style and is learning to wear gigantic earrings..and she's opened me up to colors. The combo together makes us perfect for a euro/italian/indian bollywood chingeneh. it's great. Austin prepared to hear this song on broken record.

I have a new Italian interest. He works in the bar downstairs next to our apartment. He is by far the most beautiful Italian I have laid my eyes on yet. Yes..I am shamelessly going in every morning to buy my cappacino to "take away" there. He has now learned my face. When I came in yesterday morning...he was like "why you take a away...I make this cappacino for you. " then he's like "i mix the sugar for you Darling...for your take away." lol!! I was don't worry about my take away...I will be back this afternoon. He got a nice big grin! And as promised I went back with Angie after lunch. When I walked in he said "AHHHH E TU!" meaning ahhh it's you! and gave me a grin :) brought me my cappacino. What a great day. This morning...I went back..and he was like hello Texas! My reaction Whooooooa! He said he had asked my friend where I was from! So now he's asking about me? He said my name is Francesco....and this guy..I gave him the real name of Lia. He said he was born in Venice...lives here, works here...and " I vill Dy in Venezia". My thoughts...awesome...can I join you? lol. Can't wait for my daily dose of Italian waiter flirting. Sorry to my family if you are disappointed in me not finding my Italian husband yet...I am working on it! Hope you can handle tatooed italian waiters WITH beautiful eyes and wonderfully pleasing accents who call me darling. LOL!! :)

I finally got a now has 8 wheels coated. Also, I mailed my 8.52 kg box back to NetQos and it cost me 45 Euro. Lovely. Getting ready to pack up Italy and head to my beloved Paris. I can't wait to see the eiffle lit up at night again. It truely is a magical feeling.

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